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    This is an urgent message to everyone please.
    The DVLA / The Test Centres and all future drivers

    There has been a lot of cheating occuring in theory tests especially in the Southall, Greenford, Slough, Uxbridge and surrounding areas.

    THere was a Muslim asian women who failed her theory test 10-11 (11 times im sure) and this is true, and finally her husband and her cheated by having her wear a muslim religious vail, that is long coat to cover her clothes, head scarf. this is how she passed her test.. She wore this disguise and had ALREADY phoned her husband from her mobile phone who was still on the line with her the whole time. she went into the test room with an ear piece in her ears which was covered and hidden via her head scarf, and then wispeared all the questions through her ear phone to her husband, but did it in such a way that everyone would think that she was reading OUTLOAD to herself.

    Her husband then ANSWERED ALL ANSWERS TO HER via the phone, and SHE PASSED. How blind are the authorities at the test centre, they KNEW she had failed 11 times, yet they SUSPECTED NOTHING... she left with great excited of passing yet letting the women next to her know that she did this, and then this women is now also planning to pass this test in the same cheating manner, as this other women failed 3 times already...

    As i happen to know about this serious case i also know that the women who cheated her way through the test has already crashed into a driver and hurt the driver and the driver's child very badly... all this could have been avoided if the test centre staff had better procedures and policies in place for tracking cheats, and people who have failed over and over again, think about it, anyone can pass this test in this way, any women especially can say she has to wear a head scarf for religious reasons, and she will cheat..

    Please help support this message, help preven accidents on our roads, help prevent unnecessary deaths on the roads by STOPPING such people who deserver never to drive please.....

    reply back with your views and support this message

    i will be forwarding a letter to the test centre concerend as i know of the same women who failed, the same day as the women who cheated her way to passing, that women now is planning to do the same thing, and the worse thing is that this women suffers from epilepsy and hasnt even declared this to the dvla due to high insurance - please help support this as someone will end up dead on the street because of drivers/people like them...

    If a DVLA staff member want to talk to me or contact me then please do so on [email][/email] and i will provide any information or help possible for you.

    and i pray that the boy who is hurt because of this women who cheated in the test gets better as he is in hospital at the moment.


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    Default Thanks

    Hi thanks for that, however the harder they make the test, and I believe it is going to become alot harder come Set07 the more people will find ways of 'cheating' so what will be achived? If the making of this test harder inproves road safety why is this not reflected in insurance premiums for young new drivers?

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    Default Cheaters Cheating Theory Test Urgent

    hi everyone im new here,
    im having mega problems passing both tests when i do a full mock test i either pass 1 or the other when i do em as u wud in a real test i know everything for the question part and got the hang of the hp part im getting very fustrated with it and want to get the theory test under ma belt b4 i start with the driving bit please help

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    the theory test keep going over the questions u get wrong at the end .. until there in ur head and still do ur hazard perception.. when u see a hazard click miles away from it then click when u get near to the hazard for sum reason its relli worked for me im going in for my theory test on thursday u jst need to keep going on it ... i didnt have a clue bwt it all at first but understand it after alot of practise mate

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