Hazard Perception Test


People have become increasingly concerned about the hazard perception test and the fact that most people who fail a car, motorcycle, lorry, bus or ADI theory test do so solely because of this part of the test. Part of the concern arises as a result of not fully understanding the difference between a potential hazard (a term commonly used by driving instructors) and a developing hazard (the type of hazard in the test, which if spotted, will result in a positive score). Other concerns arise from the way the marking system works and what type of mouse clicking is allowed and what is not (you click the mouse button to let the computer know you have seen a developing hazard) and finally, the other main concern most people have is simply being able to recognise what is a hazard in the first place.

In this section we address all these concerns and explain everything you need to know and do to pass your hazard perception test first time. The information has been reproduced here as an aid to anyone learning to drive for their sole private study, see copyright message at the bottom of this page.

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