Learn to Drive

The Learner Driving tuition system is designed to make the process of learning to drive as easy and as efficient as possible. It represents the culmination of many years experience of successfully getting people through the UK driving test.

The following lesson notes provide an ideal learning aid to anyone taking professional tuition, or indeed, tuition from a family member or friend. It provides a comprehensive training plan for you and your trainer to follow. By following this programme and using the lesson notes to prepare for each driving lesson you can be assured of making rapid progress towards your goal of passing the driving test.

The Learner Driving tuition system is made up of a series of carefully planned lessons. Each lesson is designed to meet certain learning objectives. The lessons build up your driving skill naturally in small easy steps. The Learner Driving tuition system is split into three parts with the set manoeuvres being introduced at various points after lesson 4:

Part 1 Lessons - Basic control skills

This part will give you the basic control skills needed to drive safely. This is the starting point for most people and essential if you have no previous driving experience.

Part 2 Lessons - Road skills

This part will give you the driving skills that you will need in order to cope with modern road systems.

Part 3 Lessons - Traffic skills

This part teaches you how to use your basic control and road skills to deal with a wide range of traffic conditions and situations.

Set Manoeuvres

The set manoeuvres can start to be introduced at any point after Lesson 4
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