Learn to Drive

Driving lesson brief 3. Steering

Having mastered the first key foundation skill in lesson 2 it is time to move onto the next in lesson 3 - steering. While it is relatively easy to make slight steering adjustments, many manoeuvres require you to turn the car sharply to either the left or to the right. To do this effectively you will need to learn the “pull-push” method of steering.

Again, as with all foundation skills, it is vital that this skill becomes second nature to you, hence, the reason why the whole of lesson 3 is dedicated to this most important skill.

Lesson Objectives
By the end of this lesson you should be able:

  • To use the “look where you want the car to go” method of staying on course;
  • Use the ‘pull-push’ steering method to complete the following car-park exercises
    • Sharp turns to the left,
    • Sharp turns to the right,
    • U-turns,
    • Figure of eight turns;
  • Steer accurately when moving off, passing obstructions, and turning corners.

Subject brief
During this lesson you will learn how to keep your car on course and use the pull-push method of steering to turn corners. What is probably the most important rule about steering may not seem obvious. It is that you not only steer with your hands, but also with your eyes!  You do this by looking where you want to go. This tells your brain what to do with your hands. Your peripheral vision (i.e. your vision to each side) helps you to keep your road position.

Pull - push method of steering
This method ensures that you keep both hands in contact with the wheel at all times and that the wheel is never allowed to spin out of control. Once the wheels are fully turned left or right this is known as full lock.